Love & Hate – Chapter 28: Never Believe

Chapter 28 by Matt Wall

“Billy!” Melanie shouted as she chased Dr. Billy Bell down the hallway. “Do you have a second?”

“Yes. I needed to talk to you.”

Melanie caught her breath and said, “Okay. I just needed to know if Brody Mills was clear to be taken back into custody.”

“He is. Most of his wounds are superficial. He will be fine. But, I don’t know if jail is where you should be taking him.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Ciri Jackson is awake; has been for some time. She confessed. Brody didn’t attack her, it was Van.”

Melanie’s jaw dropped. “What? She said that?”

 He nodded. “She did. Furthermore, Van has been abusing her while she has been here, threatening her, making her pretend to been in a coma.”

“But why? Why would he do this?”

“Her and Brody have been secretly together, behind Van’s back. He was hoping Brody would be convicted before we found about Ciri faking it.”

“Why didn’t she tell us?”

“Because Van told her that his father, Chief Dean, could make her disappear.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”


Melanie ran her fingers through her hair and covered her mouth. “Chief Dean will never believe this. He will never believe that his son is capable of doing this.”

Billy put his hand her shoulder. “You have to figure this out and make it right.”

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