Love & Hate – Chapter 19: Making Progress

Chapter 19

Van paced back and forth in Ciri’s hospital room. The only sound to keep him company besides his footsteps, were the beeping machines that were hooked up to Ciri. He looked at his watch and began to become impatient. The small area in which he paced seemed to get smaller and smaller to him. 

The door opened and in walked Nurse Eden May. “Hello. I’m just here to check Ciri’s vitals.”

“Good,” Van said. “Is she making any progress?”

“Let’s take a look.” Eden check Ciri’s clipboard and made notes on it from the machines. “Things are looking very good. Let me just check her…” Eden placed her finger on Ciri’s cheek and pulled down her eyelid. Ciri looked her right in the eye and then jolted her eyeball back up. This startled Eden, and she jumped back a bit. “That was weird.”

“What was?” Van asked, impatiently. 

Eden, ignoring Van, spoke to Ciri. “Ciri? Can you hear me? Are you awake, hun?” She pulled open Ciri’s other eyelid and the same effect took place. “Ciri? Can you say anything?”

Van’s breaths were getting more shallow. “Could you please tell me what the hell is going on?”

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure. I’m going to see if I can get Dr. Bell to come in here tonight. I think he will have more answers for you than I can give you.” She marked on Ciri’s chart one last time. “But I think she is making progress.” Eden left the room with a smile.

As soon as the door shut, Van pounced down, inches from Ciri’s face. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Your little boyfriend Brody, hasn’t been put away yet. That said, your stupid ass isn’t supposed to be awake yet.”

“I’m sorry,” Ciri muttered. “I wasn’t expecting her to pull my eyelids open.” 

“I don’t care. You do what you are told.” He looked down at her legs. “But since you’re up, how are you doing?”

Ciri blinked repeatedly, taken aback and Van’s sudden care for her wellbeing. “I’m feeling better.”

“Do you have feeling in your legs, sweetheart?”

“I think so.” She smiled. 

“So you can feel this?” Van swung his fist down and punched her in the thigh. Just as she was about to scream out in pain, he covered her mouth with his hand. “You’re supposed to be asleep and people who are asleep, don’t cry or scream. Let’s try the other leg. Let’s see if the sleeping beauty can feel a charlie horse.” He punched her again and the hand that he covered her mouth with became wet with her tears.

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