Love & Hate – Chapter 17: The Sandwich

Chapter 17 by Matt Wall

Bobby Bell was in the kitchen of a lovely home, trying not to get mustard on his olive green suit. He was making a turkey sandwich and for some reason, always had had a problem when it came to getting the mustard out of the bottle and directly onto his sandwich. His hands were shaking and sweat beading on his forehead. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then put the mustard back without using any. He decided that he wouldn’t tempt fate and would just have the sandwich with mayonnaise. 

Just as he was about to take a bite of his sandwich, a voice startled him.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tyler asked.

Bobby launched the sandwich in the air out of fright, but luckily it came crashing back down on his plate. He snapped, “I’m making a damn sandwich!”

“But why aren’t you making it at your apartment? With your food?”

“Because I don’t freaking have any there!” Bobby’s chest heaved with nervous anger. “What’s the problem? It’s not like you are the one that goes and pays for the shopping!”

Tyler became defensive. “I heard a noise in the kitchen and got a little freaked out. I thought we were being robbed or something. Turns out, we were.”

Bobby scoffed. “I just came by to see my mom and thought I would have something to eat while I waited.”

“She won’t be back for a few hours.” Tyler looked him up and down. “I don’t get it. How can someone get all dressed up and still look like crap? You look terrible. Are you drinking again?”

“I drink whenever I want.”

“But, where are you off to?”

“I have a meeting to go to. You know what? I don’t need to justify myself to a kid.”

“I’m eighteen-years-old. I’m not a kid.”

“Whatever. I’ll just take my sandwich with me. Tell my mother I came by to see her.” Bobby grabbed his sandwich and sped out the door.

Tyler rolled his eyes and punched the cabinet. Then realizing that the cabinet door was made of oak, shook his hand in pain. Blood appeared on his knuckles. “Oh great. Just what I needed.” 

Tyler walked upstairs, in a rush, to get to the bathroom. Inside, there would be peroxide and bandages. As he swung the door open his heart stopped and he froze. So did the naked body of his his step-sister, Sky, who had just gotten out of the shower and was in need of a towel.

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