Contents of Weird Mask Issue 4


Volume 1 Issue 4
September 2018

On sale September 1st.

Get it early at the OC Zine Fest on August 25th!


by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The beginning of one of the greatest sci-fi sagas ever told! Meet John Carter of Earth, before he takes the trip that made him famous, to the little red planet we call Mars.

by Matt Wall
The finale of the origin of the pulpy crime fighter, The Gavel!

by DJ Tyrer
A soldier is transported from the battlefield to another planet that is at war. Can the sabre by his side be the one thing to turn the tide in a war that seems to never end?

The Garden of Prince Shi-Wiwi
by J. Manfred Weichsel
Interracial love? Man-eating plants? Prince Shi-Wiwi’s garden is full of surprises.

Smoke and Sprites
by Vonnie Winslow Crist
At the Northern Mars Waste Disposal Facility, it is as lonely as it is boring. But, a wild, electrical storm might just change that.

Cosmic Cliff
by Peter Clark
When a group of friends dare each other to ride a scary roller coaster they end up being transported to another planet.

Where Am I? (PART 1)
by B. L. Koller
In the first part of a two part story, a girl wakes up in a ship with no memory of who she is, or how she arrived. She will either find help, or freeze to death on this strange world.

by Mark Renee
A man tries to expose a charlatan for what he is in order to convince his friends that the guy is a fraud. 

by Mick Hunter
Hank Bradshaw is in over his head on a missing persons case.

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