Christmas Eve with Sasquatch By J. E. Crowe WM500 submission

What could be better than hunting Sasquatch on Christmas Eve. Roy could think of few things. 

The year had been his treasure for the taking. Maybe it was because the earth’s axis had shifted and something inside Roy had shifted too.  He was invincible. 

First the knocking on trees and then they bey into the night sky.  It was like the monster wanted to be found.  

Now it loomed over Roy baring his teeth.  For the first time all year, Roy was concerned.  Sasquatch might get the better of him.  Roy played all the angles in his mind.  The flashlight, camera, revolver.  Spilled on the ground at his feet.  

Just as he came up with his plan, the monster quieted. 

Sasquatch smelled the air and whimpered.  With a quick swipe he grabbed Roy’s arm and drug him like a wornout kids teddybear.  In two bounds they were crouched behind a tree, Roy pressed tight under the beast’s arm.  

Struggling was futile.  Besides whatever made the squatch afraid was not something Roy wanted to rush at.

Roy heard branches breaking.  His downed flashlight shown a tall swift shadow moving closer towards them. The squatch’s grip tightened around Roy.

One of hell’s creatures strode into view.  He stood ten feet tall on two goat’s feet, wearing a long red robe. His face was disturbingly human with black depthless eyes and two spiraling horns rising out of his skull.  Attached to a belt around his waist, a long whip glowed supernaturally.

He walked directly towards them.  He smiled showing black teeth.

“Oh, Pet.  Don’t be afraid.  It is not you I have come to punish.  I, Krampus, have been sent on a special Christmas Eve mission.  Innocent creatures have nothing to fear from me.”  

His voice was soft, cooing.  Roy felt pinned by the dark eyes.  

Sasquatch, put at ease, released Roy.  Seizing the opportunity, Roy rolled away and attempted to reach his gun.

Before he could get far, Roy felt something wind around his waist.  It was the glowing whip.

“Not so fast.  This sweet creature has nothing to fear from me,” Roy looked to see Krampus stroking Sasquatch’s head with his long nails.  The squatch hummed.  

“But you, Roy Gilbert, are on the naughty list.”

“I’ve done nothing!” Roy screamed. “Let me go!”

“Nothing?  Oh, Roy, you’ve been a bad boy. This year alone you ran over your neighbor’s cat, stole the petty cash from your office, rape —“ with each accusation Krampus raised a finger, after the word rape three fingers went up, “That’s just the highlights.”

Roy snarled, kicked, screamed, and begged.  The whip only tightened.

“Time to square-up your accounts.  One whip for each offense.  I don’t think you’ll survive.  I will make it look like an animal attack.”

Sasquatch whimper again.

“Oh, Pet, don’t worry. I’ll take him far from here.  Humans will accuse the bears.  No one will blame you.” 

With that, he tossed Roy over his shoulder like a sack of treasure and melted into the forest shadows.

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