Space:1959 – Penialation Chapter 5 – An Army of Really Big Aliens by Matt Wall

Penialation: Chapter 5 – An Army of Really Big Aliens

The loud steps grew even louder. Dick and Jacko waited with baited breath as their hearts even stopped beating in anticipation for what creature or creatures were about to make themselves known.

“We come in piece!” Captain Dick Rod shouted down the corridor.

The steps ceased. It was quiet.


A purple ray blast scorched the ground just inches in front of Dick’s feet. Dick was unmoved. Jacko leveled his ray gun with where he thought the blast came from.

“Easy, old friend. Hold your fire.

Jacko was shocked. “Hold my fire? They shot first!”

“And if they intended on hitting us, we would be vaporized ash by now. I think they are feeling us out.”

Jacko used the barrel of his ray gun to scratch the side of his head. “I don’t get it.”

“You don’t have to, Jacko. Just follow my lead.” Dick raised his voice from the near whisper he spoke to Jacko with. “We heard a distress call and have come to rescue you.”

There was silence momentarily, and then the loud steps continued, slower than before. Dick and Jacko couldn’t believe their eyes. Five large aliens walked towards them out of the darkness. Their torsos were obese and their legs and arms were like redwood tree trunks. Their faces were a brownish green and resembled a cross between wild bores and pugs. They were dressed in barbaric furs and leather straps.

The one in front of the alien group spoke. “You speak Galactic.”

Dick nodded. “Where we come from it is called English. Do all alien races speak Galatic?”

“They should. If not, they are not friendly.”

“Then I will consider you and your people friends.” Dick reached out a hand.

The fat alien looked at the gesture and after a moment, extended his hand also. “I am Gak. This is my ship.”

“What happened here?”

“We aren’t entirely sure. We started losing power and my men were getting their genitals blown off.”

“Your what?” Jacko ejaculated. 

Gak sighed. “When the power was being pulled from the ship, it seemed to be shot out in blue lightening and aimed towards genitalia. I know how it sounds, but it is what we saw.”

“What happened then?” Dick asked.

“Black cauterized holes, burnt to a crisp, where manhood once was.”

Dick shook his head. “How many are left?”

“This is it,” Gak replied, sadly. 

“Well, Gak. Let’s get you back on our rocket ship and you can tell us all about it. Jacko, get the woman.”

“The woman!” Gak shouted. “You cannot bring her!”

“And why not,” Dick snapped.

“Because,” Gak pleaded, “Like you, we answered a distress call. Like you, we found a beautiful naked woman laying on the floor. I think she had something to do with this. It didn’t start until she came aboard.”

“It’s a curse,” Jacko muttered. 

“It’s not a curse,” Dick said. “A misunderstanding, probably. A curse? No.”

Gak sneered and bore his tusks. “Mark my words, captain. You take that woman on your rocket, you will suffer the same fate as those that came before you!”

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