Space:1959 – Penialation Chapter 3 – Meteor Shower by Matt Wall

Penialation: Chapter 3 – Meteor Shower

Any other man would have turned pale at the site of hundreds of space rocks hurtling towards them, but not Captain Dick Rod. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead and was quickly turned to ice by temperature of deep space. He took another drag off his astro smoke and blew a cloud out of the grin that curled the corners of his lips.

“Jacko, I think I can give an extra couple minutes…”

Terror began to cover Jacko’s face. “I don’t know if that will be enough, my laser cutter won’t even put a dent in this hull!”

“Do your best, old friend. That’s all I can ask for.” Dick squinted his eyes and leveled his ray gun at the incoming meteors. 


Giant sucks of space rock turned into smaller space rocks. Then, Dick would blast those. Each time they would explode, the fragments would head off in different directions.

Dick clenched his astro smoke in his teeth which made the cigarette stand erect and forced his mouth to smile in a way that seemed almost horrifying. 

Suddenly, Dick’s eyes grew larger as he saw a threat so big, he doubted his own sanity. A meteor that was so big, that he knew his ray gun would never be able to blast it into pieces in time. And it was heading right for them!

Did Dick get scared? Did Dick cower?

Of course not. He clenched his ray gun tighter and let a series of blasts go as fast as the gun could fire. Small pieces broke off but the bulk was still heading for our heroes.

Dick screamed out a war cry and continued his assault as the behemoth crept closer and closer…

“Dick!” Jacko shouted, “The laser cutter is kaput! It overheated!”

“Then hang on, buddy. We are in for wild ride!”


While Dick was aiming at the larger piece of the meteor, he neglected to see that one of the pieces that he shot off was just a few feet away from him and coming in fast!


The shock from the collision knocked Jacko off the ship but the quick hands of Dick, grabbed him by the back of his overalls and the captain pulled him back.

“Look, Jacko! We won’t need the laser cutter!” He pointed a few feet above them at a hole in the side of ship that the meteor made. “Hurry, we have another collision that is upon us!” 

Jacko dived through the opening first. Then, Dick scowled at the flying rock and flicked the butt of his astro smoke at it and followed Jacko, just as the meteor scraped the opening, nearly taking off the captain’s feet!

Dick rose up off the floor of a darkened corridor. 

“It’s okay, captain,” Jacko said. “The ship is somehow able to hold an atmosphere. There’s oxygen.”

“And it seems the emergency lights are on, dim as they are. Ready your ray gun, Jacko, we don’t know what we may find.”

Jacko smiled. “Well, I know what I found!”

“What is it?”

“It’s a lady! A naked lady!”

Dick looked down on the floor and saw Jacko’s finding. There he saw a beautiful woman, skin tinted green, full figured with long black hair. “A woman? On a rocket ship?”

Jacko leaned down and with his fingers on her wrist he exclaimed, “She’s alive! There’s a pulse!”

Dick scratched his head and under his breath he murmured. “A woman? On a rocket ship?”

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