Huge changes to Weird Mask

Hey there weirdos!

I have some sad news and some fun news.

I’ll start with the sad. I can no longer at this time, keep up with the print schedule of the zine / zines. There are many factors at play. The long and short of it is, at this time, print copies of WM, and all the other zines, have stopped.

The good news: Weird Mask is still alive and well as an online zine. I know it doesn’t have the same feel, but it will be better for both readers and writers.

I have been making 50 copies of each issue. We are about to sell out of issue 1. The website on other hand, gets on average, 60-100 visits a day. That’s much more eyes on a writer’s work.

For now, stories and serials will be published everyday(ish) instead of putting out a whole issue at once.

If you are or have been one of our writers and DO NOT want your stories posted online, please let me know at weirdmaskzine at gmail dot com

Thanks again everyone and keep it weird

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