Calling all writers: Join the WM3K

Every month here at WM we are going to be doing something a little fun.

We will be running a 3K!

When I say running, I mean writing.

When I say 3k, I mean three thousand words.

Every month, you will be given prompts and a genre. You then have three days, to write the 3K.

It is a race! The first one sent in wins.

All the stories will then be published on the site with the winner getting into the print version of the zine.

We are going to be using the honor system here so no cheating!

If you are interested in competing in this months 3k, please let us know by emailing us at weirdmaskzine at gmail dot com with the subject header WM3K. Please have you name / pen name, physical address and email address included and we will let you know the dates and times of the competition.

Now remember, this isn’t a competition as much as it is an exercise to get you all writing!

There are no losers here at all.

Keep it weird!

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