The Gavel: Fight Night Chapter 1 by Matt Wall

1 – Disappointment at the Court House

The doors of the courtroom flew open, as young, Assistant District Attorney, Jon Page, came storming out. “Damn it!” he yelled. His balled fists were shaking at his side. His friends and co-workers, Timmy Whitmore and Pam Kennedy, ran out after him.

“Jon?” Timmy said, concerned for the man he looked up to. “Jon, it’s gonna be okay. We’ll get him next time.”

Jon clenched his jaw in disgust. “Next time?” he said. “Do you really believe that there is going to be a next time?” 

“Sure there is,” Timmy said, unsure of his statement. 

Pam, the lovely, yet plain, Pam, placed her hand on Jon’s shoulder. “He’s bound to slip up sometime, and when he does, we’ll be there to nab him.”

Jon sighed. “Not in this corrupt town, we won’t. Judge Erickson has got to be on the take. There’s no other explanation.” He pounded his thick, hard fist into his palm. He saw the only other friend in the world that he had, walking towards him. It was Police Commissioner Joe Grant. Joe was dressed in one of his nicer suits, hoping that today would be one of celebration. He hung his head in disappointment, while fiddling with his new hat in his hands. 

“It was a nice effort, Jon,” Grant said. “Better luck next time.”

“Again, with the next time talk,” Jon said, rolling his eyes.

“Listen: Why don’t you meet me down at O’Malley’s later, and I’ll buy you a drink,” Grant said. O’Malley’s was the bar next to the station, that all the men in blue let loose at after a hard day.

“Fine,” Jon said, begrudgingly. “I’ll be there.”

“Good,” Grant said. He nodded and walked out of the building. 

Jon and the gang slowly headed down the hallway, as well. Pam tried to hold Jon’s hand to comfort him, but like always with her forward advances, he pulled his hand away. 

“Don’t blame yourself for this, Jon. You did the best you could,” she said.

“Blame myself? Are you serious?” he asked. “The last person I blame is myself! This city is so entrenched with organized crime, it’s ridiculous! That judge was bought. Bought by that scumbag, who will be walking the streets in minutes, ready to rob, rape and murder the night away!”

Pam flinched as Jon’s powerful voice boomed and his long, long arms swung in the air as he spoke. “You’re right, Jon,” she said. “But let’s not give up.”

“Yeah!” Timmy said. “We can’t quit now! We got ’em on the ropes!” Timmy, just a babe in law school, swung his fists through the air, pretending to box the bad guys into submission. He was very immature, but had a good heart. He had been the best intern that Jon had ever had. 

They stopped on the steps and Jon lit himself a smoke. Pam and Timmy leaned on the railing, on either side of him for moral support. As Jon exhaled the smoke from his lungs, he saw through it, an image of beauty. Parked at the end of the walkway, was a gorgeous, silver Mercury. But, what really caught his eye, was the blonde leaning on it. One thing Jon Page never missed was a beautiful dame, and this was no exception. She wore a tight black skirt that stopped at her knees. The vertical, black and white stripes on her form fitting sweater, made her large breasts appear bigger than they probably were. Her bright red lips matched her high heels and the beret on her head. Her big, baby blues looked frightened and out of place at the court house. She made eye contact with Jon, then quickly looked down and away. Jon was so enthralled with the beauty, that he had forgotten what he was doing at the court house in the first place, and definitely didn’t realize who was standing next to him, laughing his ass off. 

Jon turned and saw the thorn in his side. Big Tommy Sheets, the huge, fat, piece of human garbage that he had been trying to put away all these years. Big Tommy was laughing so hard that Jon wished the whale would choke on his tongue and die right then and there. Big Tommy’s three-piece suit, black with white pinstripes, was complete with matching overcoat, white silk scarf and matching hat. The material used to cover all of Big Tommy’s girth would be enough to keep Jon in new suits for weeks!

Laughing with Big Tommy, were his two, highest ranked goons. ‘Knucks’ Clyde and Billy ‘Boom-Boom’ Brown. Jon wanted nothing more than to have those three miscreants rot away, for life, in the state pen and never step foot in Angel City again.

“When the hell are you going to learn, Page?” Big Tommy said. “You can’t beat me. You either need to get on board the bandwagon or lay down and cover your ears, because you ain’t never gonna get me.”

“I will,” Jon said. “I’ll get all of you. Even if I have to do it myself.”

“What did you say, punk?” Boom Boom shouted.

Timmy tried to smooth things over. “He didn’t mean it. Honest,” he said. 

“I meant every damn word,” Jon said, glaring down Big Tommy.

“You should listen to your boy scout there,” Knucks said. “Cuz if yous be threatening Big Tommy, yous have some pain coming your way.”

“You apes don’t scare me!” Jon said, puffing out his chest.

Big Tommy smiled. “I’m up for some more comedy. Boys…get ’em!”

Knucks and Boom Boom came down swift and hard. Jon didn’t even see it coming. He hadn’t been in a fight in God knows how long, and really didn’t expect Big Tommy to be brash enough to sick his thugs on an A.D.A. in front of the court house, in broad daylight. 

Pam and Timmy, stood frozen, as they watched Jon get beaten to a pulp. Finally, Jon didn’t try to get up any more and Big Tommy called off the attack. “Come on, boys. We can still make the fight tonight.”

Jon lifted his bloody head from the concrete, and through blurred vision, saw Big Tommy and his goons get into the silver Mercury. The bombshell entered the drivers side and they sped away.

Jon muttered, “I’ll get them if it’s the last thing I do.”

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