Love & Hate – Chapter 30: Ed’s Office

Chapter 30 by Matt Wall

Just as Billy had hoped, as soon as his boss / step-father, Ed Gold, was in the elevator, his secretary decided to take a long ‘break’. He snuck across the hall and stopped at the door to Ed’s office. He was hoping the door wasn’t locked. He smiled when the knob turned freely. After a quick scan of the area, making sure no one was watching him, he darted into the office.

Ed’s giant mahogany desk, on the other side of the room, was calling to Billy. He ran over to it and froze, not knowing where to start. He had to find something incriminating on Ed and he had to do it fast. He knew that Ed was looking for reason to throw him out of the hospital and he needed to find some sort of leverage. He went to the nearest drawer, opening it up and quickly scanning all the documents inside, but found nothing. Drawer after drawer he checked come up empty handed. The top drawer, was locked. He knew if there was to be anything at all, it would be in there. He grabbed a letter opener off the top of the desk and proceeded to try to pick the lock, to no avail. He didn’t want to damage the wood or the letter opener, so he quit.

“There has got to be something on this guy in here,” Billy pleaded to himself. 

Suddenly, the door swung open. Billy instinctively dropped to his knees and crawled under the desk. As soon as he did, he was angry with himself. If Ed was the person who opened the door, he would surely come and sit at his desk. Hiding underneath would be much harder to explain. 

“I knew that would get her to leave,” Ed said. “She is so predictable. Every time I tell her I’m leaving, so does she. Great secretary.”

Billy tensed up. It was Ed! He tried to look under the desk, but the mahogany structure, reached all the way down to the floor. He was trapped. 

“Now,” Ed said, “Come over here. I think I want you on my desk.”

Footsteps grew closer to Billy.

“No, don’t speak. I don’t want to hear your voice. I just want you to do what your told. Now, strip.”

Billy’s eyes grew wide. His mother said she was n the other side of town, but was that just to get out of lunch with him so she could meet Ed for a mid-day romp? The thought of it made him sick.

“Now bend over my desk. Lie flat and hold still.” 

Repeated thrusts began knocking the wood of Billy’s hiding place. The grunts and labored breathing of Ed, made it hard not to vomit. The horror only lasted a couple of minutes. 

“Now, get out of here. I’ll let you know when we can do this again.”

Billy heard one set of footsteps grow fainter as they left the room. He could hear Ed, breathing heavily, as the workout exhausted him, zipping up his zipper. He heard his lighter and soon the room filled with the smell of one of Ed’s cigar’s.

Billy was about to be caught and he knew it. As disgusted as he was from what he just heard, he still didn’t want to be caught hiding under his desk. He heard the sound of Ed’s body falling onto one of the leather chairs in his office. Billy sighed in relief knowing that it wasn’t the desk chair. He waited there until Ed finished his cigar, which took over twenty minutes. Finally, he heard Ed’s footsteps exit the room.

Once he knew it was safe, Billy climbed out from under the desk and stretched, running to the door, he checked to make sure the coast was clear and then got the hell out of there as quickly as he could. 

From the safety of the break room, he called his mother. “How dare you,” he said.

“What?” his mother replied with confusion.

“You told me that you were on the other side of town!”

“I am!” she said. “I’m in the check out line right now.”

“What? You are?”

“Yes, Billy. What has gotten into you?”

“Nothing, I just thought I saw you here. I’m so sorry. It must have been someone else.”

His mother laughed. “It’s okay. You need to maybe take a couple days off. You sound exhausted.”

“Gotta go, mother.” He hung up the phone and realized that Ed was in his office with another woman. He just needed to find out who. 

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