Love & Hate – Chapter 14: The Break Room

Chapter 14 by Matt Wall

Dr. Billy Bell smiled his first real smile of the day, when he entered the break room and found the lovely, Nurse Eden May, sitting be herself, enjoying a cup of tea.

“Hello there.”

All Eden could do was raise her eyebrows and hum, since he caught her in mid-sip. She swallowed and said, “Sorry, I meant to say, hello.”

“How’s your shift been?”

“Irritated patients, angry family members. Typical shift,” she smiled. 

“That sounds about right,” Billy chuckled. “I just wanted to get a cup of coffee before something else goes wrong out there.” He stared at Eden as he pulled a mug down from the cabinet. He was so lost in Eden’s beauty, that he slammed the cupboard door on his thumb and shouted.

“Oh my God!” Eden leaped from her seat and ran to the doctor’s aid. “Are you all right?” She took his hand and it was as if time slowed down to a stop. They both froze while their lungs refused to take in more oxygen and their hearts skipped a beat. Their faces grew closer and closer to one another, to the point where their lips meeting felt inevitable. Then suddenly…

“Dr. Bell to emergency. Dr. Bell to emergency.” The intercom shouted, breaking up their moment.

Eden pulled away first. “I’m sorry.”

“No, please, don’t be.” He smiled and squeezed his thumb. “Maybe, we can pick this up later?” 

Eden smiled as he happily left the break room. Her nostrils flared and she looked into her teacup. Seeing her reflection in the tea, she said to herself, “You can’t let this happen. You are all ready in too deep and you know it. Come on, Eden. Use your head.”

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