Love & Hate – Chapter 10: A Little Fishy

Chapter 10 by Matt Wall

Winston Police Detective, Melanie Granger, had just walked into the station, when she saw Chief Tim Dean, quickly heading towards the break room with an empty coffee mug in hand.

“Chief!” Melanie waved her hand. “Do you have a minute?”

“As long as you can speak while I’m making my coffee.”

“Sounds like a deal.” She gave a half-hearted grin. “You have been on the force a lot longer than I have, obviously and…”

Dean glared at her. “Please tell me that your working on your horrible attempts of flattery.”

She chuckled nervously. “No. I just meant that you would have a better recollection of the town’s events, than I do.”

“Okay, shoot. You have until I stir in this creamer.”

“Has there ever been any complaints against Ed Gold? Has he ever been picked up on anything?”

“Ed Gold?” Dean was taken aback. “Why would you ask about him?”

“I’m just following up on a lead. It’s just that, the only way any of it would make sense, is if there was a history of that type of behavior.”

“What behavior would that be?”

She shrugged. “Anything like blackmail or extortion would do the trick, I think.”

Dean put his coffee down and looked her in the eyes. “Ed has been a part of this town for a long time. He didn’t get where he is today, by being stupid and leaving a trail of anything.”

“So you’re saying that there is something a little fishy about him?”

“I’m saying to stay away from that lead.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Then you better hope what you have is super air-tight.”

Before they could finish their conversation and before Dean was able to finish stirring his coffee, there was a ruckus in the lobby. 

“I’m turning myself in!” shouted a voice from the lobby.

Dean and Granger ran into the lobby and fixed their eyes on Brody Mills, with a firm grip on Allie Newton’s arm. 

“I should say, WE are turning ourselves in.”

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