The Shifting by Matt Wall – WM500 Submission

The power went out. 

Sandy could handle a small power outage, but not tonight. Ever since the “Shifting” had been happening she had been seeing things, horrific things, that she never would have even dreamed in her wildest nightmares. The one small consolation is that since the Shifting, she isn’t the only one who had been seeing things. 

At least I’m not crazy, she thought.

But, the true horror of that, was that what she was seeing, was REAL!

She sat in the dark. Rain started coming down harder and harder. It had been years since it rained at all in town, but the Shifting had changed weather everywhere. She couldn’t get it out of her mind. 

Right before the power went off, she was watching the leading scientists debate the Shifting and what would likely happen soon. One of them was acting as if the Shifting wasn’t even happening. He was pretty much laughed off. But one scientist said that there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of planes of existence, multiple Earths, and that each time the shift of the tilt of the Earth’s Axis reaches a certain degree, two planes would become one. 

That would explain the creatures that Sandy and everyone else had been seeing. 

Lightning flashed and thunder sounded so loudly the windows rattled. Sandy jumped. Not because the flash scared her or that the thunder gave her a jolt, but because she realized then, that she wasn’t alone. 

For just a second in the flash, she saw something across the room. She tried to tell herself that she didn’t see it, but she did; she knew she did. She saw the large round head and she was able to make out two arm-like appendages. She thought she even saw a face, but it was so ghastly, she tried to get it out of her mind. This only made things worse, her imagination started adding things to the shape she saw, things that would make a sane person mad…

Her breathing was very rapid. It was the loudest sound in the room. She held her breath, and to her terror, she could still her breathing. The creature in the room with her was breathing loudly, as well. 

She screamed, got up and ran down the darkened hallway. She crashed into a wall, and fell down. Confusion swept over her. She had been down that hallway millions of times. There is no wall there, she thought. Reaching out, she felt it. It was real, and it shouldn’t be there. If that wall is real, she thought, then that creature is real, too!

She stood up and ran as fast as she could, screaming the entire time. Crashing into wall after wall. The home that was her safe haven was now an unfamiliar maze that may lead to her death. She lifted herself up.

Lightning struck. Thunder roared. Sandy screamed.

Before her was a green creature, eight square eyes, two square mouths upon a small square head.

She breathed a sigh of relief realizing it was only her reflection. Horror crept back up her many spines though as soon as she remembered the ugly monstrosity with only two arms and that big round head!

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