Space:1959 – Penialation – Chapter 7: What the Woman Saw by Matt Wall

Chapter 7 – What the Woman Saw

Dick strutted into sickbay and leaned against the table she lay on. His eyes wandered up and down her body. “Well, aren’t you just a vision!”

“I don’t understand,” she spoke, softly.

“You are beautiful,” Dick smiled.

A slight grin touched her lips. “Thank you.”

“Are you feeling all right?”

“I am,” she nodded.

“Could you tell us what happened here?” He moved closer to her, which at first was thought to be impossible, but he managed.

“I can. I saw the whole thing.”

“All right then, cutie, take your time. I’m sure it was a horrible thing to…”

“I killed them.”

“You what?” Dick ejaculated.

“Yes. It is my mission.”

Jacko coughed. “Your mission? You, a woman, has a mission?”

She nodded. “Indeed. All the women where I come from have missions. Many like this one.”

“Okay, okay, hold on,” Dick said, placing a hand gently on her bare shoulder. “Explain your mission.”

She looked at his hand on her skin. She noticed that her skin had become slightly bumpy, her palms began to sweat, her mouth was dry. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Could you explain your mission to us?”

“Yes. I am to exterminate all male life.”

“What?” Jacko shouted, dropping his freshly lit cigar onto the floor.

“All male life?” Dick muttered. “Including us?”

She shrugged. “That is my mission.”

Dick lit a cigarette and paced around the nude woman on the table. “Let’s say, if there was a way to keep peace, without all of this bloodshed, would you be able to talk to your people, and explain it to them?”

She tilted her head, thinking about the question. “But, we have tried everything.”

“You haven’t had me try everything.” Dick smiled and his white teeth sparkled, making the woman blush, a reaction that she had never before experienced.

“Where is everyone! I was just looking for a waste extractor and heard the blasts!” A loud, gruff voice shouted. Everyone turned to see Gak standing in the hatchway, pointing a large brownish green finger at the woman. “I told you! That woman is dangerous! She’ll kill us all!”

Suddenly, a thick blue bolt of electricity, blasted out of the woman’s mouth, hitting Gak in his penis and knocking him on the ground, leaving a smokey charred hole where it once was.

“Holy testicle Tuesday!” Jacko shouted.

The woman closed her mouth, cleared her throat, and her eyes stopped glowing. “You were saying?”

The captain picked the cigarette up off of the floor that fell out of his mouth. “Umm…wow.”

Jacko interrupted. “I’ll be in the can if you need me, Cap.” He hustled away.

“Did I do something wrong?” The woman asked. She sounded as if she really meant it. Dick sensed this.

“How would you like to have dinner with me?” Dick smiled.

“I think I would like that,” she smiled back.

“Great! Tin, could you get this lovely lady something to cover herself up with.”

“I don’t need to cover up,” she said. “Where I come from there is no shame in ones body.”

Dick raised his eyebrows. “You heard her, Tin. Scratch that order.”

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