Love & Hate – Chapter 23: A Severe Case

Chapter 23 by Matt Wall

Once Nurse Eden May was able to get Brody Mills as comfortable as the shackles would allow, she left him and the deputy in the room. She saw Detective Granger speaking with Billy and noticed something odd about it. The detective’s guard was down. She wasn’t acting like she was with her, but she seemed softer. Her body language was much more inviting. Eden’s eyes widened as she saw the detective’s hand gently slide down Billy’s arm.

Eden took a deep breath and walked, with purpose, over to the two of them. Just as she thought, as soon as she arrived next to them, the detective put her armor back up by standing up straight and clasping her hands together. 

“Dr. Bell, a word?” Eden smiled.

Billy grinned. “Yeah. Meet me in the break room. I’m just finishing up.”

Melanie’s eyes bounced back and forth between the two. 

As Eden walked away, Billy said to Melanie, “Thank you for trying. I’m be sure to keep an eye on Brody for you and get him out of here quickly.”

“Thank you. Real quick though, are you and that nurse a thing?”

Billy was taken aback. “A thing?”

“Yeah. I saw how the two of you were looking at each other and I just…don’t know why that’s any of my business now that I think about it. I’m sorry.”

Billy smiled. “Please don’t be. If I’m honest, I wanted there to be something between us, but she is very hard to read and nothing at all has been happening. I go back and forth with giving up on her.”

Melanie’s breath became shallow and her palms became sweaty. “Well there is definitely something there between you two.”

“Are you all right? You look pale.” 

The concern on Billy’s face made Melanie’s hands tremble. “Yes. I’m fine.”

A twinkle appeared in Billy’s eye and he reached out to feel her forehead. “I think I know what this is. You seem to be coming down with a severe case of jealousy.” He chuckled. 

She slapped his hand away from her face. “Don’t be an idiot! Just see to my prisoner, please.” She swallowed hard. Her face was becoming bright red.

Billy shamefully looked down. “I’m sorry. I’ll have him checked out right away.”

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