Love & Hate – Chapter 22: Digging

Chapter 22 by Matt Wall

Detective Melanie Granger walked into the Emergency Room at Winston General Hospital. Her hand was holding firm on the arm of Brody Mills. His hands and feet were shackled and his feet shuffled along the floor making a rhythmic song that echoed through the corridor. 

“Nurse?” Melanie said. “Nurse, could you come here please?”

Eden May hurried over to the Detective, slightly alarmed that she had brought a prisoner in with her. “Yes?” She looked closer at the prisoner. “Brody? What happened?”

Melanie spoke before he could. “This man was attacked in our custody. He needs to be examined. Is that something you can help me with?”

“Of course. Let’s get him in a bed.”

“Andy,” Melanie said. “Make sure that he is cuffed to the handrails and don’t leave his side.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Melanie’s attention was quickly taken away from Brody. “Billy! Do you have a minute?”

Billy stopped as he was walking by. “Hey, Mel. What’s going on? What are you doing here?”

“I had to bring Brody Mills in for an examination, but I’m really glad I bumped into you. I need to talk to you about your little problem.”

A second passed before Billy knew exactly what she was referring to. “All right. What were you able to dig up?”

“That’s the thing. I wasn’t able to dig up anything. I have been told by my superiors, that unless Ed makes good on one of his threats, there is nothing we can do.”

“But that means…”

“I know. If I were to take him in now, his lawyers would have him out by morning and our hands would be tied. We need to wait until something actually happens.”

Billy reluctantly nodded in agreement. “I guess I’ll have to do the digging on my own.”

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