Accepting Submissions – Zombie Fiction!

Deadline: Sept. 15th!

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  1. Yes, we do run reprints.

  2. Dear Weird Mask:

    I would like to pitch for my reprint story, “The Pyrrhic Crusade”, which is set hundreds of years after a zombie apocalypse. The survivors’ descendants have adopted a fortified medieval culture to defend themselves against the dead. A young knight, whose religion teaches cremation and ascension of the Departed, comes to grief in a rival country where the dominant faith views the undead as God’s answer to His promise of eternal life.
    This story runs to approximately 5,700 words, and if accepted would occupy two issues.

    Thank you for your time

  3. Jude-Marie Green

    I submitted a reprint on 7.31.18 but haven’t heard back with a confirmation. Has it been received? Thank you for checking.

  4. could you send it to the email weridmaskzine at gmail dot com thank you.

  5. hey there. Some of the message sent through the contact form haven’t been getting delivered. I need to fix that. If you could please resend it to the email address weirdmaskzine at gmail dot com i would greatly appreciate it. Thank so much and sorry for the confusion.

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