Writing Challenges

Here at Weird Mask, we have been having a really fun time with our WM races.

The first one we did was the WM3K. You had one day to write a stories with these prompts that were pulled out of a hat.

The prompts for the WM3k were: Western, Magical Realism, Blue, and National Pretzel Day.

The next one was the WM1k and the prompts were: Varsity, Alt, History, Cabinet and Tornados.

These are really fun to try to test your brain. Plus, the fact that they are races gives it a fun competitive edge.

We worked out how we will race each month from now on.

January – WM>100
February – WM100
March – WM300
April – WM500
May – WM750
June – WM>1K
July – WM1K
August – WM1500
September – WM2K
October – WM2500
November – WM3K
December – WM5k

Hopefully, this will get us all writing more and be able to up our word counts as the year progresses.

Keep checking back to see what the next WM race is!

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