Ooze (Chapter 1) by Anthony M. Rud

Ooze by Anthony M. Rud First published in Weird Tales Volume 1 Issue 1 in March 1923 I In the heart of a second-growth piney-woods jungle of southern Alabama, a region sparsely settled by backwoods blacks and Cajans—that queer, half-wild people descended from Acadian exiles of the middle eighteenth century—stands… Continue Reading

The Kit-Bag by Algernon Blackwood – Ghostmas 2018

When the words ‘Not Guilty’ sounded through the crowded courtroom that dark December afternoon, Arthur Wilbraham, the great criminal KC, and leader for the triumphant defense, was represented by his junior; but Johnson, his private secretary, carried the verdict across to his chambers like lightning. ‘It’s what we expected, I think,’ said the barrister,… Continue Reading