Updates on WM 24 and M zine 2

hey weirdos!

I just wanted to let everyone what’s going on.

Issue 24 of Weird Mask and issue 2 of M zine, are likely to come out in late May. If I can get them done quicker than everyone can jump up and down.

if you have submitted and haven’t heard from us, or were planning on submitting, WM24 and Mzine 2 are full and those submissions will be pushed to issues for the summer.

Weird Mask 24 has so much good stuff in it! Stories by Soter Lucio, Mark Renney, Russ Bickerstaff, Red Charles, Jeff White, Michael D. Davis, Matt Spangler, Madison McSweeney and B. L. Koller!

M zine issue 2 has some of the best poetry I have ever read. Poems by Holly Day, Mark Renney, Madison McSweeney, Cathal Gunning and Joshua Taylor!

So be on the look out in May and if you want to submit anything for the summer, drop me a line.

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