The Genres and Prompts have been announced for the WM3K!

Here are the genres and prompts

Genre: Western
Subgenre: Magical Realism
Prompt: Blue
Google Trend: Pretzel
Your story does not have to take place in the Wild West. You just need to use the common themes and elements from a western sample plot.
You can go to wikipedia and search Western and Magical Realism to better understand the genres.
The prompt is Blue. You need to make sure that something important in your story is blue. It doesn’t have to be the main thing, but we should know it when we see it.
The trending topic on google was National Pretzel Day. We have simplified it to just be Pretzel. However you want to use that is up to you but there has to be some mention of it in you story.
Your story does not have to be exactly 3k words. Be close to it.
Be sure to give it a quick edit before you send it in, it will be published AS IS.
The first one in will be in an upcoming issue of Weird Mask and the rest of the entires will be posted on the website
The winner will be announced Monday.
Thank you for participating and good luck to you.
 just have fun.
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